Insight PLenary


Insight is a unique way of facilitated learning or consultation exercises, enabling all participants to contribute to discussions and share ideas by blending live sessions with a dedicated, private online forum running concurrently.


How it Works

The main subject area of the discussion, presentation, training or consultation is opened for discussion by the facilitator and key themes identified from the audience. These themes form headings from which discussion rooms are created in a private online forum. At the end of each facilitated session, participants are given access to the forum, either as a small group or as individuals and are invited to join a discussion room of their choice and provide their feedback, points of view, experience or ideas.

Conventionally facilitated sessions only enable one conversation at a time, creating a bottleneck in the discussion.  Using the Insight system enables multiple channels of feedback all at once and encourages those less willing to speak up to engage meaningfully and contribute their ideas. The organization is then able to access a significantly higher volume of data and information from people in a position to provide meaningful and high quality feedback.

At the end of the forum session, the facilitator calls the audience back into a shared session where some of the ideas input into the forum can be highlighted for further discussion.

The facilitated sessions continue for as many or few that are required to cover the subject area and each is followed by a further forum session creating a rich source of data for analysis and feedback into:

  • Product development
  • Training programmes
  • Continuous improvement
  • Generation of ideas and solutions
  • Plans and policies
  • Customer feedback programmes
  • Process testing and refining