Judgment Simulator

Everyone has to make decisions in life, but some are more critical than others and some are made in the blink of an eye. Testing your decision-making skills under pressure, we put you in front of a state of the art firearms simulator as used by the police and military forces to select, train and assess their personnel.

The Immerse Judgment Simulator presents a novel experience with significant transferable skills for any workplace, role or profession where judgment, negotiation, influence and decision-making are among the core skills of your people. Each session begins with a facilitated discussion examining the cognitive processes at work in fast and slow decisions, reflecting on case studies from topical events. Models for decision-making, and concepts of latent human and organizational error raise awareness about how the brain works, how policies, procedures and hindsight affect the quality of decision making and the confidence others may have in our judgment.

This provides a fascinating insight into the theories, which are then brought to life in a high stakes, adrenalin fuelled practical session. Delegates are then given a briefing and, two at a time, prepare to step into the role of an armed police officer, putting on an armour plated protective vest and a holster containing a deactivated replica Glock hand pistol.  Each pistol is laser activated and is capable of communicating with the incident on the screen so that the filmed scenario responds with both sound and reactions of those in the video who will fall if hit. This is not animated, but high quality realistic footage re-enacting life like situations.

One of more than 500 video scenarios can be presented to the delegates with the task to resolve incidents, rescue victims, detain suspects and protect lives, including their own. In this high stakes environment the decision to shoot or not will provide instant results as the video screen detects shots fired from the ‘officers’, including data about where they hit and when. Did they shoot the right person? Was the person carrying a gun or was it something else?  Was the person a violent criminal or an innocent bystander?  All activity is recorded and can be viewed simultaneously in adjoining rooms by waiting fellow delegates and played back for review after the event to generate discussion and further learning.

A decision taken in a split second can be examined in painstaking, forensic detail with the option to hold a mock court hearing with professional lawyers where delegates account for their decisions.  Even without the court session, delegates find the instructor facilitated debriefing session cathartic and will often express their amazement at the speed of the incident and the experience of sensory deprivation as a result of perceptual distortion.  Our judgment simulator sessions are particularly relevant in highlighting:

  • Reaction times under stress
  • The quality of decisions made in an instant
  • Decision-making based on information at the time vs more information later and the impact of hindsight
  • Teamworking and mutual support
  • The effect of active listening to promote better decision making
  • The effects of perceptual distortion on judgment
  • The importance of wider situational awareness in decision-making

Our equipment is entirely portable and we can bring it to you to cut down on abstraction time from the workplace and set the system up in minutes. Alternatively, we can provide facilities to meet the needs of a highly productive learning environment. The Immerse Judgment Simulator is a completely safe learning tool and no specialist knowledge or prior weapons training is required.  Typical sessions last a half-day with additional time required if a mock court session is preferred. For more information and an informal discussion, please contact us at info@immerse.org.uk or call us on 020 7183 4121