Live Exercises

Our live exercises take your people out of the classroom, out of the lecture theatre and way out of their comfort zone. Our key objective is to help people to make critical decisions in conditions of uncertainty and to do this we use highly experienced specialists with a strong operational and training background to ensure we land the learning objectives and leverage the transferable skills.

Our live exercises provide amazing experiences to stretch your team in a fast paced, challenging scenario requiring an analytical and investigative mindset to make decisions and solve problems. Using realistic story lines from the first hand experience of our practitioners, professional actors, real locations and props, your team will feel as though they are in the very operational and leadership roles we ask them to enact. Using London and other major cities as our stage, we go out and about ‘on location’ and away from the office to get as close as possible to the real experience.

We plan each exercise to a granular level of detail to ensure a safe learning environment and a present highly credible scenario which flows from one key event to another as your team uncovers the facts and gathers the evidence.We have designed a range of live exercises with  story lines reflecting a range of critical incidents in realistic detail.  Each delivery is finely tuned to meet the needs of the client organisation and the development of key skills within their teams.

Leadership, decision making, effective communication and analytical thinking are at the core of what we do.  Delegates face the challenge of critical decision-making in conditions of uncertainty as they respond to crises and experience a day in the life of Scotland Yard detectives. The experience includes participation in intelligence gathering, surveillance, crime scene investigation (CSI), interviewing suspects, negotiation and roles in the operations room where the investigation is coordinated and led. All participants will be given instructions and safety briefings before being tasked with acting on the intelligence and information as it comes through to the operations room. 

The separate strands of the investigation follow lines of enquiry to bring together evidence and reach the solution. Delegates are supported by experienced specialists to ensure a fully interactive but safe experience using the streets, public places and interesting locations where role actors as suspects create opportunities to progress the investigation.


Our live exercises provide high pressure, exciting and stimulating experiential learning events. They provide a realistic insight into the work of investigators exposing delegates to a range of transferable skills, whilst addressing the key objective of making critical decisions in conditions of uncertainty.We have a range of other exercises and can develop a tailor made solution with a theme to suit the culture and objectives of your organization.


We design each exercise and use our own filming and editing studio where we create key information injects to start the investigation by establishing the initial facts. This video facility enables us to be able to quickly produce specific scenario injects, such as ‘Breaking News’ items delivered by our TV newsreaders. Reports from the scene or mock CCTV inputs of ‘crimes’ being committed.



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See what some of our previous delegates have said

One of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. It was so thought-provoking and I will never forget the lessons I learnt.

Excellent concept and execution. Offered the opportunity to observe myself & colleagues in ‘action’ providing very valuable learning.

Incredibly organised and run, very believable, like being in ‘24’. Really enjoyed the experience

An immersive insight into a real life situation that encouraged decision making in ambiguous circumstances

This was the best experiential learning experience I have ever had. Highly enjoyable and challenging.