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Immerse was created to bring new methods of learning and development to the private sector from the experience of the emergency services. In critical incidents such as firearms operations, hostage negotiation and specialist intelligence, practitioners and commanders undergo immersive training which throws them into realistic scenarios laden with pressure, uncertainty and the need to make a decision quickly.

The Immerse team has decades of experience from law enforcement operations and the legal sector to bring learning and development to life in an exciting, testing and realistic way. Using innovation, creativity and experience we develop people, teams and resilience in organisations. 

To accomplish this goal we are able to draw upon a substantial cadre of trainers and, but we have a policy to only employ personnel with task relevant qualifications and operational experience, drawn primarily from United Kingdom law enforcement agencies, military, legal and academic institutions. The valuable experience, skills, knowledge and capability they bring to our business has enabled us to become a trusted L&D provider to an increasingly diverse and international client base.



In a distinguished police career spanning 30 years he held senior positions, which included strategic and high-risk operational roles. 
For several years he was the head of the covert operations unit at Scotland Yard, which included operational leadership and national responsibility for training and development. He was also the elected chair of a strategic international group represented by 40 countries working to share resources, techniques and collaborating in operations across international borders.

As a nationally accredited hostage negotiator he has significant experience in kidnap cases involving organized criminal networks. He also wrote articles examining the concepts of risk communication and perception in hostage taking events in Iraq & Afghanistan after the coalition forces deployed in 2004.

He was the national lead for crime and intelligence for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, a role for which he was commended by the UKs most senior police officer, Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

  Michael Toyne (Web)


Michael has significant experience in risk and crisis management. He was a police officer for over 30 years, achieving senior ranks with the National Crime Squad and at New Scotland Yard, where he was Senior Operational Risk Advisor to Counter Terrorism in respect of the 7/7 inquest, the Olympic Counter Terrorism Co Ordination Unit, UK CHANNEL (counter terrorism) Programme and for Witness Protection.

He has a strong track record of delivery, which includes: risk and crisis management training and planning to the oil and gas industry in Romania, Nigeria and Austria.

Michael holds a Master’s degree in risk, crisis and disaster management from the University of Leicester. His services are retained by New Scotland Yard to advise on risk and crisis management, providing support to a range of high-risk operational commands such as counter terrorism and armed protection. He is a member of the Institute of Risk Management and a member of the City Security and Resilience Network (CSARN).